This Is For You, Rick

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Motl continues his riffs on climate and the global toast community.
Mann's frequently publicized picture of the world as a class struggle between the oil industry and heroic activists like him show that he is mentally ill, politically radical obsessed person who not only has nothing to do with a serious, prejudice-free approach to scientific questions, but who is also slightly dangerous for the society.

Yes, there is actually some discussion of new results also, go take a looksee.


Rick Ballard said...

Thanks, Chuck. Motl doesn't pull any punches. That's a very nice reading list that he supplies.

Where does Mann go from here?

David Thomson said...

I finally realized (I guess it took me long enough?) why the leftist establishment is hyperventilating over the so-called global warming crisis. This is just about the only issue where they have a chance to scare the hell out of the voters. These ideologues are virtually speechless when it comes to the war on terrorism. The left is very well aware that any emphasis on military matters only helps conservative politicians. Best to change the subject as soon as possible.

terrye said...


They can also raise the specter of the evil robber baron oil companies as the source of all evil. So it is satisfies all myths.

The oteher day I had Sci Fi channel on and they wwere going to do some Doomsday show, you know all the bad things that can happen and there was Al Gore goiong on about global warming. I turned it off. I bet a lot of other people did too.