You think Protein Wisdom has troll problems....

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Denver > Boulder Stories > Boulder bikers, joggers confront bridge trolls: "According to reports from the Boulder police, several joggers encountered a modern-day variety of bridge trolls in a park near the intersection of Foothills Highway and Colorado Avenue shortly after noon on July 7, although the trolls may have taken it a step too far when they challenged an off-duty Boulder County sheriff's deputy.
Police said they came across the encounter about 12:27 p.m., in which the off-duty sergeant faced off with Robert Hibbs, of Boulder, armed with broken golf clubs.


Knucklehead said...

As if Boulder didn't have enough to think about, what with attempting to singlehandedly stop global warming and the war in Iraq.

But now the myriad joggers and the bicyclists of this fair city have a problem that many might have previously believed confined to Scandinavian legends and fairy tales.

Isn't it enough trial and tribulation upon the good people of Boulder that they have to suffer the slings and arrows of jackbooted, fascist brownshirts stomping around on duty!?!? No, I guess not. This particular "sergeant" has to go sticking his oppressors nose into people's life choices even when he's off duty.

This will undoubtedly be taken up at the next town council meeting. If a bridge has trolls then then those wishing to use the bridge will either have to satisfy the cultural needs of the trolls or find some other way to get where they are going.

Skookumchuk said...

Back on the railroad... he muttered, making the old rocking chair creak as it moved...

We dealt with trolls of all description, up close and personal, in the normal course of operations. From hippies to the serious druggies to the pyscho killers who had knife fights in empty boxcars to the kids running away, the whole lot.

And yes, once in Tacoma, a guy who claimed to be an actual troll. I forget if his female companion classified herself as a troll, too. Lost in the mists of time. Along with the details of Reincarnation Woman and the guy who could see through walls. Though somehow he couldn't seem to use this ability to, say, find a job.

Some were very nice. An eldery fellow who lived in a shack he built himself in the middle of a blackberry thicket, along with his two dogs. Nicest guy in the world. And the couple who lived in yet another blackberry patch along the tracks, in a gutted Econoline van.

Often I would simultaneously feel pity, charity, and fear for my life. The awful thing is that while most are completely harmless, you never really know.

Only about one tenth of one percent of what the average cop sees in a year, of course, but enough for me to now give these guys a wide berth whenever I can.