The Price of Democracy

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Does the election of Hamas in the Palestinian territories mean that democracy is not compatable with Arab culture?

I am not sure of the answer to this question. But just as the Lebanese are paying the price of having Parliament members who are also Hezbellah terrorists perhaps it is necessary for the people of the region to learn the difference between a terrorist organization and a political party. Perhaps they need to see the true price of letting the devil in when he knocks.

The truth is the people need to understand that organizations like Hamas and Hezbellah will never bring them anything but suffering. They must choose responsible government or terror. And then they must live with the choice. That is how it works. Democracy is not a gift, it is a responsibility.


Knucklehead said...

The Palestinians are possibly the single most dysfunctional political entity on earth. They've been chanting death cult mantras for so long they don't know anything else. Terrorism and "politics" are synonymous to them.

I don't know that there's any way out for them other than slowly learning that now they are all accountable for the political system they select. If they continue to pick terrorists they'll continue to have their little nation shredded every now and then.

terrye said...


What about the Lebanese? Remember the Cedar Revolution? they tried, but either could not or did not ban Hezbellah, and now they have to pay the price. but I think of those million plus Lebanese in the streets of Beirut demanding Syria leave their country and I can not help but feel bad for everyone. Except the damn terrorists, they are like a cancer in the body of Islam. Other societies have been afflicted as well, just look at the Irish, but sometimes I fear that in the Muslim world the condition may be terminal. And not just for them, but fore eveyone who crosses them.

Seneca the Younger said...

Terrye, one of the things I learned in medical school was that cutting out a tumor is rarely pleasant. But it has to be done.

Syl said...

Actually, I think this is part of the process. It's almost as if the Palestinians HAD to do what they did--elect Hamas to govern them. The only way they will learn.

Though I admit I've given up on the Palestinians learning much of anything. Democracy is for the dumb as well the smart, though, and basic human nature principles apply to all.

Iraq is having its own troubles with militias. But Iraqis seem to be much more mature. They too have elected extremist parties to their political body and that was necessary also. I think Iraq, not the Paleistinians, will show whether democracy is truly viable in the Arab world.

terrye said...


Think of the militias like the KKK. Deadly, but not completely self destructive. Hamas on the other hand is way beyond vigilantism, they seem bound and determined to destroy themselves.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Democracy is not a gift, it is a responsibility.

And if no one is willing to take that responsibility...?

terrye said...


Well then someone else will do it for you, just like Israel is in Lebanon, the difference is the people can not just sit back and act as if they have no stake in any of it.

terrye said...

Would we prefer more dictatorships like Iran and Syria? Is that a better solution?

Syl said...

And if no one is willing to take that responsibility...?

That happens. In Lebanon after a point, they threw up their hands and said 'we can't deal with Hizbollah. Just forget it for now'.

There are many in Lebanon right this moment hoping Israel can do the job they couldn't do themselves.

On the other hand, I do not wish for any of the new democracies to behave like us. We've become wimps and a half. If we had the equivalent of Hamas in our society we wouldn't be able to deal with them either.

I think Maliki will be tougher than we could ever be.

I mean look at us. We're going to treat al Qaeda prisoners as good as GI's.

I'm enraged over that.

All I want for Iraq is for them to be able to live in peace and work and raise their kids. But to be touch when they have to be. I do not expect nor want them to be a shining example of stupid leftism. Ever.

Peter UK said...

"I mean look at us. We're going to treat al Qaeda prisoners as good as GI's. "

What it really means is there will be no al Qaeda prisoners