Denial and the Dems

Monday, March 06, 2006
The Democrats and the left have resorted to this psychological defense mechanism repeatedly since 9/11. Their desperate hope is that they will wake up and it will be 9/10 again and all they have to worry about is undermining that upstart Bush who stole the election from them. In fact, that appears to be ALL that they worry about, as they--with the help of the MSM--manufacture "crisis" after "crisis" with which to attack the despised administration.

Denial is a river, and it runs through the Democratic Party; giving them the illusion that their lack of ideas and oppositional agenda is working to their advantage.

Via Dr. Sanity


Syl said...

I watched a segment on Scarborough country tonite. Scarborough was complaining about the movie Syria which depicts Texas Oil companies as the bad guys in the world and the cause of terrorism yada yada. Someone was saying it was silly to complain because artists are artists and express what they want.

What struck me is that something like that is perfectly fine--if we're not at war. War tends to change things and making America look really really bad right now is not the thing to do.

Half this country simply denies we're at war, and if they admit there's a war it's only inside Iraq so nothing they say or do matters one twit.

terrye said...


Yeah, they deny we are at war but at the same time they freak over some freight terminals and talk about Islam taking over the world. It is a rather bi polar view of things.