Meet the Big Dog

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
You have to see this guy in action to believe him.

The Big Dog carries four backpacks. Looks like two guys in a robot suit.

Second picture: The Big Dog keeps running along into the shadow.

Closeup of the rear legs--no guys in the suits after all.

Some big meany kicks the Big Dog...but the Big Dog cleverly sticks his leg out and recovers anyway.

The Big Dog walks up hill; through snow; over rocks.

Closeup of the gasoline-powered engine; back on leash in the lab.


gumshoe1 said...

impressive and ominous
at the same time.

i got mixed feelings.

great for mountain rescue work.

Syl said...

Wow! I love it!!!

Mountain rescue work? I want one to take on walks so I can show him off!

Skookumchuk said...

I figured I should be able to fit one in the garden shed, if all the lawn furniture goes in the attic.

How many shopping days left?

Knucklehead said...

How prone is this thing to developing gimps and limps and such? Is kicking it only allowed during testing or can I up and give it a kick anytime it suits me? Does it ever need to go outside and relieve itself in bad weather? What's the MPG on this thing? (I'd like to do a fuller cost-benefit analysis before I send my mutt off to the big pound in the sky.)

Peter UK said...

How is it with lamp posts,what happens if it is given a choice of four?