Shifting Sands - Framing

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Al Queada continues to threaten new attacks in the United States. They have been thwarted for five years through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of American security personnel.

Russ Feingold has promoted a bill to censure the President for intercepting calls from the al Queada leaders in Tora Bora to sleeper cells in Topeka. Feingold is lauded by Democratic Party leaders as "the conscience of the party".

Do terrorists have the right to operate in the United States?

The Democratic Party thinks they do.

Very soon Ken Mehlman will be looking over storyboards that will follow this line. It worked well for Johnson against Goldwater in '64 and it still has the same appeal. Of course, he's going to have to choose between Feingold's gift and Rockefellers gift. Actually disclosing top secret information as the Democrat's top man on the Senate Intelligence Committee carries a little more weight than just extending rights to terrorists. It's nice to have a choice though. And it's only March.


Knucklehead said...

Oh, comeon, Rick! Aren't you overstating the case a bit? Surely the Dems don't believe that terrorists have a "right to operate in the US". What they believe is that the US government doesn't have a right to try to figure out who they are and how they are operating.

The Dems are trying to play the Libertarian game here. Everyone should be free to do whatever they want, even if what they want is to become a successful terrorist and kill as many Americans citizens as possible, until such time as they actually commit a crime and then we can track them down and prosecute them. They make an interesting little twist on prosecution that the Libertarians wouldn't make (that there really aren't an "bad" people - except of course "conservatives" - only oppressed, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised people driven to commit crimes by the savageness of the US Imperial War Machine), but that's just a small policy matter related to punishment rather than crime and law enforcement.

Can't you see the nuance, the subtlety? They are just defending freedom and privacy. If freedom and privacy aren't absolute, for everybody (except of course those loathesome, knuckledragging "conservatives" and neocons and other forms of Zionists and warmongers and baby eathers) at all times, then what good are they?

You're always so mean to the poor, misunderstood Dems. They're just looking out for the little people and trying to save them from the hordes of Bush-loving, brownshirted Jackboot-lickers. You did notice the brownshirted, jackbooted, goose-stepping Bushnazis stomping their way down Main Street, didn't you? Pay attention!

brylun said...

I love that picture of Feingold!

Rick Ballard said...


Look, I already softened it from:

Support Terrorism! Vote Democrat!!!

So I cut a few classes in Nuance 101 - sue me.


It's a great pic - we need a few like it of Rocky and Durbin. Soon.

terrye said...


I have to say I think this is a dumb move on the part of Feingold, but right now I am far more disgusted with Republicans. I expect this silly stuff out of the Democrats but the Republicans in the House did Bush far more damage in recent weeks than Feingold could...and if they do not get in line and help get Bush's numbers up [rcp average is 36.5] and the Republicans collapse the Democrats will pick up the pieces and they will impeach Bush.

Rick Ballard said...


There are 236 days from now til the election. Between now then there will be a constant race by politicians to do the dumbest thing possible. On a single politicain level, Feingold is now way ahead.

On a group basis, it's hard to tell - kind of a neck and neck race. The President's poll numbers at this stage are irrelevant. If they are this low in November it will cost seats but not control.

Remember - when the Reps picked up 50+ seats in '94 there were over 100 actually contested. This year there are 31 where contests will actually occur.

Knucklehead said...


If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy Shannon Love's Voters who think that America sucks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. (you'll need to scroll up just a bit from where that puts you due to the way "more" works).

terrye said...


I dunno, but it hurts Bush and that hurts the party and I am sure that if Feingold's party wins in November there will be an attempt to impeach Bush. And won't that be fun?

I hope Hannity and Duncan Hunter and Michelle Malkin and that blowhard Savage and the Minutemen are proud of themselves.

Hey, it is all about ME! If I don't get what I want, screw em all.