Time to Go Red

Monday, March 13, 2006
Don't wait, get it today. Google Mars is here!


terrye said...

Thank you for bringing all this interesting material to our attention. I had no idea that sites like this were out there.

Seneca the Younger said...

Now I want the Google Mars browser. As the MRO data starts coming in (stereophotographs at 1 foot resolution) that should be *something*.

Syl said...

I got nuthink...I've got to check my settings.

Reminds me. Back in the early '90's I made a few animations (fly throughs) from Mars DEM data with Vista Pro on my Amiga.

One of them I'd watch for hours. Along a canyon top then down the side aaaaaall the way to the bottom, turn and fly through the canyon for a bit, then turn and climb the wall, turn and fly back to where I started.

The resolution available at the time was 30 meters so it was pretty crude. But it was so exciting to feel like I was there.

We've been able to do this for a while, but the technology is getting better and better and better.