Yale official calls Taliban critics ‘retarded’

Monday, March 13, 2006
John Fund, following up on Yale University's admission of a Taliban official Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, quotes emails sent by Yale Law School official Andrew Surovov to Yale graduates Clinton Taylor and Debbie Bookstaber:
"Are you retarded?"

Taylor and Bookstaber have started a campaign called NailYale. It focuses on the Taliban's barbaric treatment of women, which extended to yanking out the fingernails of those who wore nail polish. In a column, they urged alumni "not give one red cent this year, but instead send Yale a red press-on fingernail."

Yale Law School must be a place of dullards - Surovov said he was "only vaguely aware of Taliban practices."

Don't forget Yale Law School was on the wrong side of an 8-0 Supreme Court decision in Rumsfeld v. F.A.I.R. where the unanimous Court referred favorably to the intelligence of high school students in comparison to the Yale Law School plaintiffs.

And a warning - be careful about giving to Yale. Because records of your donations may be searched and used against you by Yale officials like Surovov.

Surovov should probably be dismissed for his abuse of confidential contribution records, but the university is covering up for him.

Maybe Yale should concentrate a little more on education, and a little less on leftist politics.

UPDATE: Here is a column written by Clinton Taylor in response to the email he received from Yale Law School official Andrew Surovov.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jed Babbin on "The Yale Colonial Office."


Knucklehead said...

I don't recall if I saw it in Fund's article or elsewhere, but there was a claim that this guy has a fourth grade education, a GED, and receives "no financial aid" but, instead, a 35-40% discount.

Can someone 'splain to me how a 35-40% "discount" differs from "financial aid"?

There's just no way for anyone outside the "intellectual elites" who inhabit and manage institutions such as Yale to even begin to imagine what goes through their minds. You may be sure that young people with sterling HS and civic records, SAT's in the 1400+ range, and interesting extra-curricular accomplishments were denied admission to Yale while this troglodyte loon was welcomed at a 35-40% discount.

Clearly there are too many potentially intelligent and useful young people at Yale and diversity there requires the addition of people approaching 30 years old who are willing to be apologists for brutal regimes that are "authentic" throwbacks to the 7th century.

His defense of Taliban executions of women for "adultery"? "Well, they have executions in Texas also."

I have an idea for a new entrance exam for Yale. A single essay question; "Compare and contrast the summary execution, by bullet to the head, of women in the Taliban era Afghanistan, in front of cheering crowds in a former soccer stadium, to those conducted in Texas during the same years."

If any attempt is made to identify a similarity beyond the fact that the executed person wound up dead, the applicant fails and is denied entrance.