Where are the WMDs? (More...)

Thursday, March 02, 2006
I never know how much to trust FrontPage, but for what it's worth:
The Italian media also reported that their intelligence services had information indicating that in January and February of 2003, Iraqi CDs full of formulas and research work along with tubes of anthrax and botulinum toxin were sent off to Syria. By the end of February, Iraqi WMD expertise was already in Syria including a top nuclear physicist.

An Iraqi scientist also led Coalition forces to hidden stockpiles of precursor chemicals that could be used to make chemical and biological weapons. The scientist said some facilities and weapons were destroyed, and the rest were sent to Syria. Syrian defectors are also claiming that Syria is where the weapons are, along with Representative Curt Weldon's source in his new book. The Prime Minister of Albania even stated that based on information he has which is not available to the media, he cannot rule out such a transfer.

There is also a report that an Iraqi medium-range al-Hussein missile on a truck moved into Syria, and in the early stages of the war, was spotted briefly coming into Iraq, operating its radar overnight, and returning to Syria. Most reports about the transfer indicate missiles were included in the transfers.

Lots more in the interview.


Rick Ballard said...


I think that there is a logical test involved here which this assessment failed. Asuuming that you have a not infinite budget for WMD what would be your priorities based upon function and utility?

Every time I think of this I return to precursors for chemical weapons. There has to be a logical matrix involved and "successful test of a nuclear device" just doen't work for an Iraqi program pursued within Iraq after '91 (pursued elsewhere is a completely separate subject). Biologicals have a low utility wrt indigenous population and only slightly higher wrt to neighbors - anthrax is nice but Sarin is quicker, so to speak.

Sarin precursors were found in great abundance - that's insecticides, folks - and to my belief - the error has been to not to mention the fact that we found enough precursor to kill every cockroach born or likely to be born in Irag for the next 10,000 years.

The Iraqi nuclear program was being developed and followed in Libya. That's "out there" and I'll be doing a blog soon on it.