Andrew Sullivan has lost his mind

Thursday, July 06, 2006
I can't believe I used to like this guy:

From Protein Wisdom :

From the conservative maverick St Andrew of the Trendy Hairshirt:

Here’s one detail about Don Rumsfeld’s summer home that a historian found poignant: it was once a renowmed [sic] center for torturing slaves. Frederick Douglass was assaulted there—and escaped. Of course, those slaves weren’t actually tortured, as Alberto Gonzales would argue. They were merely subject to “coercive disciplinary techniques”.

You know, I’d love to point out just how humiliated Sullivan should feel about posting something that—from both an historical perspective and the perspective of our current efforts to determine the boundaries of useful interrogation practices—is so objectively idiotic, but doing so would mean that Andrew could conceivably be found guilty of torturing himself, and I’m not sure John McCain has as yet told us how to deal with such a situation.

So, you know, I’m gonna take a wait and see attitude for the time be

I wonder if they wrapped those slaves in Israeli flags?


David Thomson said...

I rarely visit Andrew Sullivan’s blog. He seems to have lost his mind after President Bush came out in favor of the Marriage Amendment. A number of people at the National Review continue to debate the guy. I think it’s a waste of time.

Skookumchuk said...


I know exactly what you mean. In the immortal words of James Brown:

It's Too Funky In Here!

Luther McLeod said...

I actually had (for me) a quite lucid and pertinent comment. Blogger ate it. The comments, my most favored part of this blog, are not reliable, neither in viewing or commenting.

Luther McLeod said...

I should add, I would contribute (reliably), toward a different venue, if funds are an issue.

terrye said...


I know it can be a nuisance sometimes but for right now it is what there is.

Luther McLeod said...

I know Terrye, I spoke out of frustration more than common sense.