Atlas Shrugged?

Thursday, July 13, 2006
The BIDINOTTO BLOG: "* The final go-ahead 'deal' was signed on June 29. The film is well-capitalized, with Lionsgate -- the studio that produced the most recent Oscar-winning film, 'Crash' -- investing $40 million or more for initial production effort."

Look, I don't know what to think. I loved the book in high school, and still do, although I see it increasingly as Rand's internal re-evaluation of a shame-filled childhood than as an external re-evaluation of society. (On the other hand, I barely remember the 50's at all --- maybe it seems that way because I live in a world that's already moved far from Stalin.) And the notion that Brad and Angelina are hard-core Randites seems less than plausible --- but hell, maybe they're big enough stars to come out, or maybe H'wood can no longer distinguish among political philosophies as long as they're "radical."

But I bet I go to the movie.