Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Night ride on a tram in Lisbon

There are a number of YouTube videos about the trams in Lisbon. I like this night ride. However, the videos shot during the give a better idea of of how these trams operate in traffic. It is interesting how the tram lines are worked into the narrow, twisty roads that were laid out in an older Lisbon. Of course, modern cars are a further complication.


Monday, April 19, 2021

That empty space

Getsuya Sansui by Hashimoto Gahō

Now’s the time to close the outer door to yearning - Ryu Shiva

In order to forget the world,
I went up to the mountain
But the water is flowing down
Toward the world
Like there is something to toss
As though there is something that must be tossed
I alone am going up the mountain

Like there is something to fill
As though there is an empty place that needs to be filled
The water keeps going down
To the world below

Now is the time to close the outer door to yearning
To close my eyes,
To go inside myself
To gaze at the sparkling water
Undulating in that empty space.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Printing Kalamkari patterns on fabric

Kalamkari is a method of dying patterns onto fabrics. In its original form the patterns were hand painted on using natural dyes. However, the patterns can also be added, as demonstrated in the above video, by block printing. In the video it was impressive how quickly the stencils were aligned to apply the two different dyes to the pattern.

Utsavpedia's article Kalamkari explains the history and steps needed to create the fabric artwork. If you want to buy some of the fabric, you can search Duckduckgo and find many suppliers. Below are some examples of earlier and more elaborate Kalamkari pieces.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The nocturnal paintings of John Atkinson Grimshaw

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John Atkinson Grimshaw was a Victorian painter who is best known for his atmospheric landscape paintings lit only by moonlight and gas lamps. He was a self-taught artist. Also a photographer he used a camera obscura to project his scenes and get the perspective correct. During his life he was criticized for that, although one of his many admirers was the American Artist James Whistler, who admired Grimshaw's use of color and shadow. 

At the above Grimshaw link there are more examples of his work, including some daylight painting as well as a few rather goofy fairy paintings that were so beloved by the English Victorians. 

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Walking in Buenos Aires

The video starts out in the Librería Grand Splendid, an amazing looking bookstore in an old theater. After a brief tour of it, the walker moves to the streets of a business district in downtown Buenos Aires. Some nice old buildings mixed in.