Monday, October 31, 2022

Trick or treating

Dorothy and her friends go trick or treating

It's that time of the year for underage mooches to pester people for free candy. The only thing the little panhandlers have to do is dress up in costumes that will offend nobody, including the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer, and grab as much sugary loot as they can.

Above we have one group of trick or treaters. I must say the guys have fine costumes, but the little girl's costume is pretty low effort. Along with the usual witches, there is another popular costume this year -- the flying monkey. I hear that there are scads of those little goobers running around smashing pumpkins and what-not. 

However, there's always at least one doofus on the route that makes the kids sing for their treats or some other obnoxious thing. I hear there's a guy on the route, who dresses like a wizard, that makes the kids do some sort of 'trick' for their treats. When done he still more or less stiffs the trick or treaters with some useless made-up treat like a broken alarm clock, or a participation ribbon from the 6th grade math Olympics, or some fake certificate printed off from the internet; and of course, there are always the grannies who give out some annoyingly healthy treats like apples, or Ka'chava, or some other such thing.

Anyway, have a good Halloween.


Friday, October 28, 2022

R.I.P. Jerry Lee Lewis

Concert video from 1964 in England. The sound and the video are bad, but the performance is electric and the crowd is wild. Early rock and roll done by a brilliant lunatic.  

The set: 

  • Great Balls of Fire 
  • You Win Again
  • High School Confidential
  • I´m on Fire
  • Your Cheatin´Heart
  • Whole Lot of Shakin´Goin´On


Hello Darlin'

Get ready for a salutational weekend with Jeff Bates.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Jean-Pierre Gibrat illustrations

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This is a sample of the artwork of Jean-Pierre Gibrat a French creator of graphic novels. His topics span a number of periods, WWI, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War and WWII. He also did an erotic version of Pinocchio, where the puppet was female. I was amused by how stereotypically French it was, with all the cafés, dangling cigarettes and pouting young ladies. 

Enjoy, there are more after the jump.  

Jean-Pierre Gibrat

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Making electric motors

This is a small Rehan Brother Electric Industry factory in India that makes electric motors. While most of the work seems tedious, I definitely would not want to work in the area that pours the molten metal into the molds. One doesn't generally think of electric motors as being essentially hand-built, so I wonder how reliable are these motors? 


Friday, October 21, 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Paintings of trains

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These images, and those after the jump, are paintings of trains, train yards and train stations. They primarily feature steam locomotives. In their day they were astonishing pieces of technology. We forget that for most of human history you had to walk, or at best ride a horse, to travel anywhere overland. The took a long time and trains were the first vehicles that greatly shrunk the time between two points. 

Today if we talk about trains at all it is the fetishists of high-speed rail. High-speed rail is used to move people, but in the U.S. we use our rail network to move freight, and so there is little real interest in high-speed trains. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

American meat sandwich

Who among us doesn't crave a traditional American meat sandwich? I'm not sure what it is, but whatever it is it looks tasty. There are four variations of the meat sandwiches, and each one looks like they would be worth trying. Below we have double bacon cheeseburgers and a Texas-style BBQ, and my lord, I don't know what a Texan would think of it, but the BBQ platter of brisket, ribs, chicken, home-made sausage, French fries and stew looks amazing. 

These are all Korean cooks. With the abomination of cultural appropriation properly shoved aside, this is cultural diffusion in operation. I can't wait until the day when I can go to a local restaurant and order an Americanized version of a Korean American meat sandwich. The World turns round and round. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Beyond the glass

Day drinkers, photo by Tony Hall

The Outsider - A K Krueger

The outsider is inside,
Inside the house, staring from the crusted window,
The latch calls to her in rusty tones.
She stares upon its existence,
wishing nothing more than to answer.

But the outsider, she is inside,
Her back turned to what she’s built,
Her eyes upon those who are outside,
Can they save her? Would they care to try?

Her elbow rests upon the dusty sill,
Eyes glossy like Rapunzel, the Golden One,
But she has grown old inside the house,
she has grown blind and deaf and dumb.

The outsider, she once wished,
to leave the depths of her understanding,
to venture into the clashing world,
to face the blatant nature of love,

But the outsider, she is inside,
over much has cried, died and lied.
The weight of gravity holds down the fort,
and her as well; she doesn’t fight.

She holds the hope she’ll someday be tempted,
to leave that which protects her so,
to venture through the grimy view,
lifted by that which holds her low.

The outsider, she’s still inside,
Forever more, should she still hide,
You could say that she should have tried,
She wanted to, with all her pride
To leave that which keeps her inside.

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Beat feeting it out of Russia

These are a series of videos by Sergey, a Russian fellow who left the country after the mobilization. He fled to Mongolia. Hard choice to have to make.

The first video shows him crossing the border at Borzya and taking a taxi for a night-time trip across the steppes to Choibalsan in Mongolia. The city is the site of an important battle in the 1930s. In the large battle General Zhukov defeated the Japanese forces, which turned them from pushing into Siberia towards SE Asia instead. In the second video he tours Choibalsan a bit and then, in the third, he's back on the road as he heads to Ulan Bator

He's low on money, doesn't know the language, has diarrhea and the temperature is 17° F. Tough life being a refugee -- I wish him luck.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

I'm almost back

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Late yesterday afternoon I got my power back. I have a generator that can power my entire house, but I was using it sparingly to preserve fuel. Now that worry is gone.

My internet is still out. With luck I'll get it back tomorrow evening and I'll soon be able to resume posting. 

Below are pictures from my marina. My boat survived unscathed, but the other two there had worse luck. They were blown off their jacks, with one losing its mast in the process.