Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here We Go, Then

Time to gird up the loins. I never planned on getting caught up in the War of the Danish Cartoons, but here we are. Graphic courtesy of The Dissident Frogman


Unknown said...


Could it be that the symbol on the flag stands for more than just Denmark?

Well if they want to go down that road I guess they can. But I don't think the jihadis will like the way it ends.

gumshoe said...

who's gonna call the
Islamic media on it Marky?

the tranzi-MSM???
Eason Jordan??

all that holdin' your breath
is killing your brane cells.

PS - the bit about W and
bomb-dropping makes it clear
it's just more of your sarcasm and non-solutions.

gumshoe said...

markg8 said...

Who's gonna call the Islamic media on it Marky?

"How about you gumshoe?"
8:33 AM, February 06, 2006


how about
"not worth the time or effort".

all news has editors,
therefore all news is biased.
many times hopelessly so.

if you consider alJazerra or the State run media in Arab countries
even remotely "objective" or inclined to be,in the former tradition of western
journalists striving for objectivity, i wish you well in your news gathering endeavors.
they won't amount to much.

start with taqqiya and kitman,
and work from there.

MEMRI does a fine job of calling the Arab media on it's fabrications
and BS.

you seem to have plenty of time on your hands,mark,but none for actual problem-solving.

if you were paying attention in class,you might have noticed YARGB and several other blogs you frequent ,but vehemently disagree with,
call the Islamic media on their BS on a regular basis.

i doubt the official news organs
are going to change their tune
in response,but the Net is broad and penetrates lots of places.

young Iranians can read YARGB too.