Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just To Be Perfectly Clear

This is today's Democratic Party

Sweetness & Light provides background.


Anonymous said...

How can you read this stuff?

It would be like, oh, gargling with Drano for three minutes straight or something.


Luther said...

Just disgusting, frankly. Him and his supporters. Thanks (I guess) UK.

Anonymous said...

We have tender sensibilities, you know.

Rick Ballard said...


Would you send me an email please? Just click my name on the right to get to my addy.


I don't go near lefty sites for just that reason. Fear of bruising my karma.

David Thomson said...

Ann Coulter occasionally makes a fool of herself. Nonetheless, the radical leftists are consistently far more vicious. They are truly hateful. Their rage can be hidden for only a shot time. Inevitably, they publicly reveal themselves.

terrye said...

The Democrats think it is 1969 forever while some [thankfully not all] Republicans think the real enemy is Mexico not AlQaida.

But this is tacky as hell.

terrye said...

BTW, I would just to add that whether or not I am pissed off at some people on the right I am not going to vote for Democrats this fall or sit out the election and let Demcorats win just to send some freaking message.

The interesting thing to me, or sad deending on how you look at it, is that people like me who really do not fit anywhere are often times more loyal and more likely to vote than some zealot threatening to sit out an election in war time becaus he is pissed about earmarks or some such silliness.

Peter UK said...

Intersting thought about Larry,other than how on earth somebody this unstable got a job at the CIA. Larry Johnson was an analyst,who claims to have met Valeris Plame whilst training at the Farm,he even admired her skill with an AK47....the intersting part being,analysts don't train at the Farm.

markg8 said...
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