Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did we overreact to 9/11?

Big Lizards says no to David Bell's assertion in the L.A. Times that we did. After all they can not kill us all. Read the whole thing.

I say no as well. King George was not an evil man, the colonists would not have been slaughtered without a Revolution. They just would not have been free of the monarchy.

Thomas Jefferson did not take on the Muslim pirates because he thought they could kill every last of one us, but because Americans do not pay blood money to fanatics.

The war with Mexico was not a defenseive war waged to save New England from Mexican invasion. It was fought both for territory and to minimize the power of Europe in America.

The Civil War could have been avoided, if we have been willing to give up the Union. Lincoln was not, because he knew that without the union there would be no America.

In WW1 the Kaiser was not going to invade from the south and in WW2 the possibility that the Japanese and the Germans could destroy our government and occupy our mainland was not the issue.

The issue was our liberty, not just our lives. I would bet that Mr. Bell would say today that we went overboard when we fire bombed Tokyo after the attack on Pearl Harbor. But then again, maybe not...the president was a Democrat.

One of my favorite writers was John Steinbeck. I remember reading in one of his books, I think it was East of Eden that the thing that makes America unique is our willingness to fight for an ideal. A concept, liberty.

And now we have an enemy that is willing to fight for an ideal as well, the Caliphate. And like the anarchists of old his goal is chaos. And while it is true that they are madmen who in all likelihood can not kill us all... it is also true that if I smacked you up side the head every other day with the back of my hand I probably would not kill you...but I bet that after awhile any person with an ounce of self respect would get kind of tired of that kind of treatment. Some of us anyway. Maybe Mr. Bell would just say to himself, what the can't kill me so what do I care?


Anonymous said...

We only overreacted by blaming and apologizing for ourselves, by dotting our i's and crossing our t's wrt foreign and UN relations when the world took rude shortcuts toward heaping more gratuitous aspersions upon us post 9-11.

The real question is: why do we even care what our die-hard (and they will die hard when the jihadists take hold of them) critics say? Are we so masochistically inclined as to indulge in this kind of self-doubt? Do some of us like the terrorist masters in an unwholesome way?

I, myself, don't look good in burka black, and I like to breathe without my face covered up in a death shroud. American men who don't wish to fight our freaky adversaries should consider patronizing weird establishments in lieu of selling the rest of us out.

buddy larsen said...

Bell was on Fox just now, making a huge error. His idea is that we are fighting terrorism too hard, and his proof is that so few of us are being killed.

How about, so few of us are being killed because we are fighting so hard?

Why didn't Sean Hannity ask him that? I could've dismantled the guy. H & C just let him ramble.

Bell did slip and bite deep into bitter tone in one sentence on the "outrageous war in Iraq", so I guess I know where he's coming from. Just another brick in the wall, just another dick at the mall.

Anonymous said...

"Just another brick in the wall, just another dick at the mall."

I’d say ‘heh’ to that, but there's only one vowel init to grab hold of.

herb said...

What you are talking about is Honor. We are obligated by our Honor to avenge those who were murdered. Honor also requires we do all that is necessary to pursue that revenge. To the end.