Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Links

Is Goldman's good fortune a mirage?

How to find free stuff.

What Congress is up to.

Ethanol is a mistake.

Was the mysterious burst the most energetic event ever observed?

The top 350 stocks paying monthly dividends.

The basics of estimating.

The physics of medieval archery.

Yale beats Harvard.

8 signs it's time to quit your job before you get fired laid-off.

The journal of unlikely science.


Luther said...

All good as usual MHA. But I particularly liked the piece on "medieval archery". Good grief, what battles must have been like, back in the 'old days'. And Agincourt wasn't even close combat for the most part. 800 arrows a second, yikes.

buddy larsen said...

Henry had approximately 5,000 archers at Agincourt, and a stock of about 400,000 arrows. Each archer could shoot about ten arrows a minute, so the army only had enough ammunition for about eight minutes of shooting at maximum fire power. However, this fire power would have been devastating. Fifty thousand arrows a minute - over 800 a second - would have hissed down on the French cavalry....

Wow --that IS good history --

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I actually had the pleasure of speaking to an expert on the history of archery once. It would seem that bows and arrows could be nearly as deadly, even in ancient times, let alone medieval, as modern-day guns in many cases.