Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cigarettes and coffee

At first I thought that was a can of beer bundled with the two packs of cigarettes, but it turns out to be a can of coffee. Regardless, forty cigarettes to go along with a single can of coffee seems a bit much to me. Are Japanese really such dedicated chain smokers? 

Anyways... as long as they're pushing retail tobacco product partnerships, why not go all the way? A pack of cigarettes, a six pack of beer and a package of Trojans is another combination that springs to mind.

As an aside, of course Marlboro is an American brand and it turns out that Georgia Black Emblem Coffee is a leading brand of Coca-Cola Japan. Can you imagine the ruckus such a promotion would cause in the United States? I wonder if they have a Hollywood celebrity pushing this in Japanese TV ads?

From the post Taboo Product Partnerships at Trendhunter Magazine.

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Barry Dauphin said...

Maybe you could send this to mayor Bloomberg.

Unknown said...

I really wish that was a can of beer.