Thursday, January 06, 2011

Joe Biden to the rescue

On New Year's Eve the Los.Angeles Times posted the article Biden is a linchpin of Obama's presidency. As you can probably guess from its headline,  the article is a massive hoot. Yeesh, talk about the pitfalls of a slow news day.

Below are a couple of excerpts to give a taste of it, although I recommend reading the entire thing to appreciate the depth of Biden ass-kissery and/or pundit nincompoopery (take your pick) it displays.
Yet with a new political order in Washington, the success of Obama's presidency hinges more and more on the negotiating skills and political instincts of his No. 2.

Facing a revived Republican Party, the White House is expected to increasingly deploy Biden as a presidential surrogate to find compromises and coax reluctant lawmakers into crossing party lines. Even Biden's penchant for veering off message is being reevaluated inside the White House as a bridge to ordinary voters who appreciate blunt talk.

Who can argue with that? I imagine that he likely does have the 'Ordinary Voter Who Appreciates Blithering Idiocy' demographic tied up for Obama.
Inside the White House, aides have developed a special Biden rule. Rather than squirm over the latest Biden gaffe, the administration treats it as plainspoken candor that may appeal to a portion of the electorate that is unmoved by Obama's disciplined, explanatory rhetoric.

"The rest of the White House is coming around to the idea that sometimes what the vice president says that's off message is just a really blunt and colorful way of expressing a truth, and they should embrace that," said an administration official who requested anonymity to speak more candidly about the matter.

Plainspoken candor? Well, that's one way of spinning FDR giving his televised fireside chats.


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Barry Dauphin said...

Chris Matthews, having eaten too many corn dogs, now feels leg tingling from Biden.