Friday, June 10, 2011

On the wisdom of size limits for reporters

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Today marks the launching of the largest fishing expedition known to mankind, as the media and their crowd sourced posse pour over Palin's e-mails from her Governor days.

Of course it is early, but so far it is clear they have nothing of any interest so far. However, that hasn't stopped them from breathlessly pumping out one article after another reporting the mundane and expected. The headlines they're sticking on them are a hoot, here's a sample one from CBS News Palin's emails: Work, disdain for the press -- and a haircut.

Wowzers! She works, doesn't like the press and gets haircuts? Tell me more! Digging into that article reveals this fascinating tidbit:
It's interesting in light of the subsequent stories about Palin's wardrobe, her shopping sprees, etc. (which she blamed on John McCain's staff). Here she is, the new vice presidential nominee, asking the name of the "barber" who will be cutting her hair in Anchorage:

In an email to aides, Palin asks:

"Do u remember who the barber is who's going to trim my hair?"

And this was the response:

"Governor-- His name is Speedy. His barbershop is in the Capt. Cook Hotel."

The barber's name is Speedy? That warrants a mention in a news article?

Real fisherman have size limits. Apparently Journalism School grads don't believe in chucking minnows back into the sea, particularly when they're hot on the trail of their desired narrative story. 

I can see Jan Crawford, the reporter of that scoop, in my mind's eye... she's stretching her hands wider and wider as she tells her story, "I swear, the story was this big, but then it slipped my hook and got away. But at least I hooked and landed Speedy from the Captain Cook Hotel!!!"  


Barry Dauphin said...

Apparently, modern newsrooms have unlimited budgets. Who knew? ? This is the journo substitute for getting into her pants.

ambisinistral said...

I've wandered over to Biased BBC to see how the English press was handling it and it's a hoot over there too.

The BBC and the Guardian perhaps managed to put on an even more entertaining of a fiasco than our press did. They were absolutely savaged in their comment sections.

Here's a link to the Biased BBC mockery of the whole affair.

In it they have a link to the Guardian's live blog that's pretty hilarious. Even their far left readership is tearing into them over it all.