Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Old fabrics

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Much of our image of the ancient world comes through stone. This is of course a distorted view, with much of the transient materials and colors of the historical world lost to us. However, along with paintings and mosaics, there are also some old fabrics left to us that give a brief glimpse to another aspect of the lost world of antiquity. The fabrics shown in this post are from Europe, India and the Americas.  

These images, and the ones after the jump, are all from the following articles at The History Blog (http://www.thehistoryblog.com/). By the way, that is an excellent site and it is well worth a visit and time spent viewing their archives.

Swedish city returns ancient textiles to Peru
17th c. Indian textile 30 feet long goes on display
Oldest known indigo dyed textile found in Peru
Incredible 17th c. silk gown found in shipwreck
Texel shipwreck yields another great textile
Altar cloth may be sole surviving Elizabeth I gown 
Rarely seen liturgical textiles on display in Vienna 

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