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O-Negative (the love triangle turns pear shaped)

Caught red handed
Episode 24 of the Thai TV show O-Negative (Episode 23) is a tear jerker so be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy. In fact, so many tears were squirting out of my eyes as I wrote this recap that I ended up shorting out three keyboards, but that's another story.

We pick up where we left off the previous episode. Giggling, Foon and Peun enter the house holding hands to find Prim sitting at the table. She saw them in flagrante delicto, but they're not sure what she saw. Peun, as you might expect, is in a bit of a panic over what Prim may know. They have a conversation where all three dance around the subject.

They start drinking and Prim asks Foon and Peun if they are already drunk. They say no. When Foon goes to get them more beer Prim directly again asks Peun if he is drunk. When he says no she says, "That's great. Otherwise you might not be able to control your actions." I imagine Peun kicked himself once he realized the corner he had painted himself into.

Foon doesn't share Peun's worries about Prim
The next morning Foon gets up and is cleaning when Peun wakes up. They sit down to talk and Peun is worried that Prim saw the two of them playing hide the salami the night before. Foon doesn't care if she did, but Peun keeps going on about how it would be bad if Prim saw them. Well, it would crimp his two-timing, that's for sure.

Foon asks him, "Who would it be bad for? You or Prim?" Peun, enormous weasel that he is, tries to claim he's just worried that Foon's reputation will be hurt in Prim's eyes. Foon says she doesn't care, pointing out that they are a couple after all, and couples do have sex with each other. Finally, Foon starts getting angry over his waffling and concern over what Prim thinks. Peun ends up apologizing, hugging and kissing her as he reiterates that they are indeed a couple.

We see Prim waking up, She's fighting back tears when Foon enters. Prim says she's hungover and Foon adds that she's never seen Prim get so drunk. Foon gets Prim some hangover medicine. Prim doesn't want to stay another night, she says she wants to get back home and rest for work Monday.

Foon leaves and washes her face. I only mention that because I must not skip advertisers' product placement efforts. They paid good money for them after all. Anyway, this time, as she has done several times earlier in the show, Prim uses some Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Face Wash to clean her face. If you don't know, its soap-free formula, enriched with Neem Leaf Extract and tea-tree oil, helps prevent pimples through 3 purifying actions fights bacteria, fights pollution and removes oil so your skin feels clean, fresh and looks clearer. I now return you to your regularly scheduled recap.

Next, the three are loading up their car to return to Bangkok. Needless to say, the trip back is awkward. Prim is in the back and Peun is sleeping in the passenger seat. Foon starts caressing Peun's leg and saying he is probably exhausted from last night. Now that Peun said he was her boyfriend, she is marking her territory with a vengeance. Prim looks like she would rather be anywhere else.

After they drop Prim off Peun wants Foon to just drop him off at her house. She wonders if he is still thinking about Prim, and we all know that he is. She insists on taking him to his house.

My guess -- because you're the village idiot of this show
As soon as she drives away after dropping him off at his place he pulls out his phone and tries to call Prim. She doesn't answer. He continues to call and message her, telling her his by now familiar lines --  that he just needs to talk to her, that he maybe made a mistake, and the rest of his usual whining. He even goes to her house at one point. He gets no reply from her at all.

The next morning Foon hops onto group chat and invites them all to Go's because she has an announcement she wants to make. Chompoo is all for that, Prim defers to the rest of the group and Peun, covered in flop sweat, tries to ignore the message. However, Foon calls him to get an answer. He spews some BS about having a late class. Class? I thought he graduated. He adds that maybe Chompoo and Prim won't even come. Foon ignores his evasions and says she'll meet him that afternoon after class and they can go together.

We see Peun in front of a class teaching. Wait, they leave some schmuck with only a BA degree teach a college class? Ms. Pat, the attractive painting teacher is in back watching him, so I guess he's student teaching. Still, he seems a bit under qualified to be teaching at the college. At any rate, when his class ends he whips out his phone and starts bombarding Prim with messages that she ignores.

Later Foon arrives on campus to meet Peun and comes across Ms. Pat who tells her he left some time ago. Irked, Foon tries to call him with no luck. Meanwhile, he's outside of Prim's workplace. When Prim doesn't answer his calls he calls Chompoo and pesters her to pester Prim for him. Chompoo starts to dial in to the fact that something strange is going on with her friends. As that's happening we cut to Peun's house where Foon is sitting with his mother waiting for Peun to come home.

So, Prim is dodging Peun while Peun is dodging Foon and Foon is wondering why her boyfriend is avoiding her. Peun eventually comes home and Foon confronts him. He lies that he didn't hear his phone ringing and apologizes. She tells him to knock it off with the insincere apologies and tell her what is going on. He tells her that he is confused. Yea Peun, we know that, in other news the sun rises in the east.

Foon guesses that he went to see Prim and starts physically pummeling him with little, girly punches. He restrains her and tells her that yes, he's an asshole. Tell us something we don't know Peun. Foon hauls off and slaps Peun hard enough to give him as nose bleed. Much better Foon, Art would be proud. She then calls herself a fool for believing him and storms out.

We jump to Chompoo's house. Prim is hiding there. Chompoo knows something is up with her, Peun and Foon, but she doesn't know what. Just as Prim is about to tell her Foon calls and wants to meet with Prim. As Prim and Chompoo drive to the meeting Prims tells Chompoo what happened. She says she doesn't even want to talk to Peun anymore.

These two might want to be yelling at Peun instead
When they got to her house Foon is sloppy drunk. Prim asks Foon what she wants to say to her. Foon asks Prim if she knows that Peun is trying to get in touch with her. Prim says she does, but that she doesn't want to talk to Peun. Foon gets in her face and asks, "Why? Are you afraid you can't control yourself?" Call me crazy if you must, but I think that's a question Foon would be better off asking Peun.

Understandably, Prim gets angry and asks Foon why she's saying things like that. Foon starts ranting that she knows Peun loves Prim and that Prim loves Peun. Chompoo is having to hold Foon's elbow to restrain her from closing in even more on Prim. Prim says it is not like that at all, that she is ignoring Peun to try to get him to give up and go away.

Foon, who is so drunk that she is visibly staggering, then announces that she and Peun are a couple now. Prim, trying to extract herself from Foon's raving, congratulates her. However, Foon gets even more wound up and decides she'll rub Prim's face in it even more. She tells Prim she knows that Prim already knew, because she knows Prim saw her getting noodled by Peun on the beach.

Prim snaps back at her, "Why in the hell did you bring that up?" Foon is completely off the rails by this point and she starts yelling that she's always loved Peun, and that she was still with Peun when he was seeing Prim. She gets more accusatory. Prim, who's quite upset because of Foon's onslaught, counters by saying she didn't know any of this was going on between Foon and Peun, and that she would have never gotten involved with Peun had she known.

Finally Foon starts running out of gas. As she does she begins to realize that she's been way out of line with Prim. She apologizes, and says that she is drunk. Prim has had enough of it and says she is leaving. In a nice touch, showing how pathetic and miserable Foon is at this point, she asks Prim as she leaves, "If he calls you, tell him to call me back."

I think that ship sailed already
We move to Chompoo's house, where Prim is still hiding. Oddly, the two girls aren't discussing various means of surgically enhancing Peun's chances of getting a job as a harem guard. Instead, Prim is wondering if she is a horrible person and if she's lost Foon as a friend. Seems to me like there would be a little more anger directed Peun's way, but he isn't mentioned at all.

Speaking of Peun, he's at his house drinking beer when his parents come into the room. They're wondering what was up with Foon's earlier visit. His dad asks Peun if something is on his mind and Peun responds, after a long pause and a swig of beer, that he slept with one of his friends. His mom, who's looked a little disgusted the entire time, asks him if it was Foon. He says yes and she asks him, "don't you like Prim more?"  He says yes and wonders how she knew. Well Peun, not everybody is as oblivious as that group of knuckleheads you hang around with.

Peun admits this mess is all his fault and asks his dad what he should do. His dad then gives Peun what seems to me to be some pretty crappy advice. He says that Peun needs to choose, not necessarily between the two girls, but rather that Peun should chose what is important to him and follow his heart. Uh... no offense Daddy Peun, but Peun being a self-centered twit and only following his heart is the main cause of this mess.

We then have a rather long montage that cuts between Prim, Foon and Peun sitting in their rooms and blubbering their eyes out. It gets a bit silly because the shots keep getting more and more dramatic until they are all sprawled out in abject misery.

Several days pass and we end up in Foon's house, where she is sitting in the midst of birthday decorations, balloons and trays full of snacks. What's missing is any guests to her party. Foon has a tear rolling down her cheek as she remembers the happier birthday parties from previous episodes.

Foon gets really, really mad at some balloons
By the time her trip down memory lane is complete she is sobbing uncontrollably. Her parents come in and ask, "are your friends not here yet, Foon?" Well, that might explain the mystery of your daughter bawling her eyes out in an empty room. Their question launches Foon into a tantrum. She starts running around and knocking the trays of snacks over while yelling that nobody loves her and her friends all hate her. She then storms out of the room.

We jump to the campus where Foon and Chompoo are helping students decorate a stage. They had intended to go to Foon's birthday party together and realize it is late. Prim says Chompoo should go and Prim will finish up and follow. Man, Chompoo is going to be pissed when she gets to the party and finds out Foon whacked all the cookies onto the floor.

While Prim is cleaning up Peun pulls up on his scooter. She's picking up some paint cans when he runs over to help her. Prim asks him what he is doing there instead of going to Foon's house for her birthday. Peun says he wants to talk to her first. She turns and walks away from him, he follows her and grabs her hands. He tells her he loves her. She tells him, "You can't do this anymore."

She asks him if he even knows what he's doing. He says he doesn't know. He's just, as per his father's stupid advice, following his heart without a thought in his head. She tells him he is making things worse and pulls away from him. Could things get any worse?

Well, of course they could. Foon pulls up in her car. Meanwhile Peun is demonstrating an absolutely Ong-art level of not being able to take a hint by chasing after Prim as she walks away again. He grabs her and starts kissing her. After a bit she pulls away and he again tells her he loves her. She replies, "You can't love me anymore. This is what you must do. You must love Foon." Whelp Peun, I would say you've been friend-zoned with a vengeance.

 Although Foon couldn't hear what they said, she has been watching all of this. She finally snaps and starts flashing her headlights and beeping her car horn. She gets out of her car and runs up to the two and she really lays into Prim, accusing her of forgetting her birthday to make-out with Peun. Prim tries to tell her it isn't like that, but she doesn't get too far before Foon slaps her.

Foon keeps screaming at Prim for forgetting her birthday when Prim, her face covered in tears, says, "How can I forget your birthday? Your birthday is on the same day that my mom died. How could I ever forget that?" Game. Set. Match.

Prim storms off and Peun calls after her. Foon then lays into Peun, telling him to chase after Prim because he loves her so much. He asks her what's wrong with her and she asks him why he said he would be her boyfriend if he was just going to keep chasing Prim. Fair question, and the first time either girl called Peun on his actions. He says nothing and she starts banging on him asking him to answer her question.

Finally he launches into one of his long-winded weaselly apologies. She cuts him off and simply says, "I'm pregnant."

[Episode 25]

If its a girl Peun will probably want to name her Prim

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