Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Sweetness of the Bear's Ire

Iran's proclivity for saying one thing only to do the other moments later may have backfired:

Russia is increasingly frustrated with Iran's reluctance to reduce international fears about its nuclear agenda and that anger is helping the United States and other nations seeking to refer Iran to the UN Security Council, diplomats said Thursday.


Senior Iranian officials told their Russian counterparts ... on Wednesday [that] a relaunch [of their uranium enrichment program] was postponed for "technical reasons," the diplomats revealed, agreeing to speak on condition of anonymity.

The Russians interpreted that as a signal that raised hopes of an easing of tensions a little more than two weeks before the 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency meets in Vienna on Nov. 24 to consider possible Security Council referral.

Promises, promises:

But just hours later, the Iranian officials told the Russians that conversion had restarted, further eroding the Russian goodwill needed by Tehran to deflect the U.S. and European push for Security Council involvement, the diplomats said.

A European official speaking from outside Vienna said the reversal -- coming soon after Security Council head Igor Ivanov had briefed senior European Union officials about Iran's readiness to compromise -- embarrassed and angered the Russians.

I don't know about Vlad Putin, but when somebody embarrasses me, I get really angry. And I never forget it.


Syl said...

Iran is not a rational actor.

Therein lies the extreme danger.

terrye said...

They are as erratic as North Korea.

I think they really might think they can get away with nuking Israel.

That would be very very bad.

Knucklehead said...

They are as erratic as North Korea.

Yup. But they also have vast amounts of money and oil. More dangerous than the Norks (and the Norks are plenty dangerous).

Rick Ballard said...

Can we bomb'em flatter than Aunt Jemima's thinnest pancake now?

Just askin'.

Peter UK said...

Why not subborn the technicians and scientists,the mullahs can't run anything on their own?

markg8 said...

Why would they think they could get away with nuking Israel? I think the Izzys' retaliation would be overwhelming.

truepeers said...

Rick's setting us up for a French crepe, but I just can't see it now.