Monday, November 28, 2005

Would you care for a glass of TANG?

Scott Johnson of Power Line has had his fill of it. Apparently he feels that Mary Mapes apologia pro mendaci sui is somewhat less than totally convincing. Oddly, not only does he not accept Ms. Mapes at her word, he even feels that the Washington Post was overkind in its review of her opus minimus.

Mr. Johnson evidences disturbing lack of trust in our treasured national media. It's almost as if he believes that there may be some sort of unseen agenda being promulgated by the press.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

There's no doubt in my mind anymore that most of these people are agenda-driven, meaning that they are going to tell the story they want to tell to remake the world over in the image they have chosen, meaning that they are lying cheating scoundrels. But it's going to take a while for the rest of the world to wake up to that reality. Particularly when half of the outside world agrees with their lying cheating agenda.

buddy larsen said...

But how can we expect the MSM to NOT lie, when the party leader, John "Would you like ketchup with those lies?" Kerry is congenitally unable to EVER say anything truthful?

Doug said...

Krauthammer is going to be on Hewitt show w/Jed Babbin this hour.

Peter UK said...

"In all, not exactly a flattering picture for a commander in chief conducting a war in Iraq and running against Sen. John F. Kerry, a decorated combat veteran."

That tells us all we need to know about the WAPO

Peter UK said...

..but of course they are all at it,it is the sneering tone of these parasites which is the worst.

buddy larsen said...

"decorated" by which side? Ours, or theirs?

terrye said...

Zarqawi is not Hitler or Tojo either. But how can we expect such idiots to display historical perspective?

I never udnerstood the whole TANG thing....who cares??

After Bill Clinton running to the UK and hiding from his draft board I really think the whole issue is moot. I mean the next nominee for the Demcorats may will be Hillary and unless you consider marriage with Bill to be combat I don't see her showing off any medals.

BTW, my exhusband's brother was in the NG from 1969 until 1987 when his wife died of breast cancer.

They had no contacts, he just signed up. My neighbor was in the Indiana Air Gaurd and trust me Waldo is not some hotshot.

To hear the Democrats tell it the National Gaurd is some secret society for blue blood cowards or something.

Mapes and the rest of them are just dumbasses who don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Peter UK said...

"Decorated combat veteran" must jar on those who were there for the duration,even more so for the families of those who didn't manage any duration.
I would certainly like to hear the full story of "Lieutenant (own) Hornblower".
It's the wonderful combination of peacenik and hero,Kerry is fit to be the CiC because he served on the other hand the ideal front man for the Stoppers.A very mixed up man.

buddy larsen said...

I'm afraid that you've bought the pony. That he is "complex" (if you like him), or "mixed-up" if you don't.

Truth is, he is a model of clarity; nobody in the public domain defines excess careerism, nor plumbs its depths, nor embodies its danger to the whole, as clearly.

Rick Ballard said...

"plumbs its shallows" is more like it. Depth ain't in 'im.

buddy larsen said...

Nothing under the sun is uninstructive. This is what Kerry teaches: "I have a $500 haircut. I have a $5000 suit. I LIKE Robespierre--or would, if I knew who he was!"

clarice said...

I heard Mike Wallace last night..He still doesn't get it. The blinkered media mandarinate lives.

Peter UK said...
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Peter UK said...

The man definitely has problems,I think that whatever position he has from moment to moment, is sincerely held for that brief period it exists in his mind.
Real duplicitous careerists are more consistent than that,Kerry is a chameleon personality,taking on the colouration of the surounding viewpoint.I suspect that if one dug there wouldn't actually be a personality called JF Kerry.