Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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contentions » archive: "—an angry, far-left, antiwar group—views the modern Democratic Party and its leadership as its cat’s-paw, and there’s little reason to dispute this judgment. The problem for many Democrats is that a Great Unmasking is taking place. For one thing, it’s difficult to say they oppose the war but support the troops when they train their fire on the commanding general of the troops, whose main transgression appears to be that he’s helping America succeed in an epic struggle against radical Islam."


chuck said...

I've never been as disgusted with an American political party as I am with the Democrats today. And the truly scary thing is that the country is still split nearly 50-50 with the trend towards the Democrats. That amazes me no end, but maybe it shouldn't.

Rick Ballard said...

I was much more disgusted from about '73-'82. Today's sedition is more open but I believe there was more damage done in those years than the Copperheads have accomplished since '01.

The unknown unknowable kicker is the extent to which the assiduous indoctrination of "tolerance" coupled with the horror of "discrimination" has actually affected what passes for rational thought among the electorate. That and whether the Iraqi sheiks will keep their end of the rental agreements.

It will be an interesting election.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Much hinges on the perception of threat. At this point, it is not very high within the electorate. Threat is viewed as simply a boogeyman created by people like Rick to scare small children.

Since there is no threat, why have a war? Seems pretty silly doesn't it?

loner said...

It will be an interesting election.

We hope.

tet said...

I expect the election to be quite profitable, actually. I've got enough money out on bets that I should be able to get a couple new video cards.

Chuck, that 50/50 trend is an vast understatement, the tilt towards the Democrats will turn into a full-blown avalanche within the next six months, particularly once GW shows that he cannot resist and puts forth his own plan for socialized medicine (as he did for "the children" today).

Meaninglesshotair, at this point, even a WMD attack on an American site would not profit the Republicans. The Truthers and would paint it as a "Reichstag Fire" and claim that the Administration will be attempting to use it to gain police powers and remain in power. A sizeable number of fence-sitters will vote against the GOP "just to be sure." Every informed person who is potentially going to vote for the Republicans because of national security issues are already convinced--nothing rational is going to bring the rest into the fold. Since they're currently at the max support that they're going to have, the only thing that can happen now is erosion of their base as embarrassments like Larry Craig (or financial corruption) continue to show up.

As I have said before in other places, Jesus could be the head of the Republican ticket in '08 and he'd still lose. This is part of the reason that I have been so opposed to expansion of things like warrantless wiretapping--too much power for Hillary to use in '09 and beyond. Potentially, we could be seriously screwed.