Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Surge Report

The Copperheads political objective in passing the law requiring a mandatory report to Congress by Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus was based upon the "situation in Iraq" as of late winter, early spring. Copperhead leadership was convinced that the situation would continue to deteriorate as it had over the preceding 12 months with continuing (or increasing) violence and that the September report would provide ammunition with which to club Republicans for the entire year leading up to the elections in 2008. The rather dull witted Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, went so far as to publicly brag about polling results from Chuck Schumer that predicted a certain Copperhead advantage and seat gain if only the war could be shown to be irretrievably lost.

That sums up the Copperhead bet.

Unbeknownst to the stalwart losers who passed the legislation on May 25, rental agreements had already been reached with many of the Anbar sheiks who had heretofore been responsible (by giving shelter and sustenance to AQ terrorists, at minimum) for a good portion of the violence. The sheiks marked the end of their accord with their AQ "honored guests" by betraying them with customary Bedouin alacrity. Col. Dave Kilcullen provides a rather detailed description of the manner in which the subornation was achieved. The crux of the rental agreement involved money (what a surprise). Just as important, a grant of autonomy in raising and maintaining security forces which would have the same "regional guard" status as the Peshmerga hold in Kurdistan was made concurrent with furnishing the money.

By the time all the 'surge' troops were in place in June, the Anbar sheiks (with quite a bit of American help) had driven their former AQ guests up towards Baqubah - where Michael Yon picked up the story of the American drive to leave AQ no resting place in Iraq.

Per the Copperhead mandate, an Initial Benchmark Report was issued on July 15. It was reported that 7 of the 18 benchmarks to be achieved by the Iraqi government had been reached. The Iraqi legislature, following firmly in the incompetent footsteps of their American counterparts, adjourned for vacation the first week of August and have done nothing, precisely like their American counterparts since returning. The September Report therefore bears an uncanny resemblance to the July Initial Benchmark Report.

Had the Copperheads left it at the two written reports, they could now be crowing about "no progress" and "all is lost" in order to pacify their Moveon moron base. Instead, always looking for an opportunity to gain political advantage through useless posturing, they 'required' that Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus deliver the dreadful news of defeat to a horrified nation. Instead, General Petraeus' delivered a sober report detailing achievements that the Copperheads had considered impossible to achieve when they initiated the circus.

I found this:
Iraqi leaders understandably want to assume greater sovereignty in their country, although, as they recently announced, they do desire continued presence of coalition forces in Iraq in 2008 under a new UN Security Council Resolution and, following that, they want to negotiate a long term security agreement with the United States and other nations.
from the report to be especially intriguing. A defense pact with Iraq will cause sleepless nights to muslim tyrants from the Hindu Kush to the Magreb for as long as it endures.

The Copperhead strategy of defeat is now in tatters and a clear split of the Blue Dog faction is very possible. Why would the Blue Dog first termers tie themselves to defeatists as the '08 elections near? They can't maintain a moderate facade and vote along with the socialist Progressive Caucus which is the true Copperhead core within their party.

IMO, this may have been the best political stroke made by the President since taking office. He could have hardballed this garbage legislation through veto or by simply ignoring the mandate. The Legislature does not actually possess the Constitutional authority to mandate much of anything from the Executive. Instead of fighting with them, he just shoved more than they could swallow right down their throats.

Long may they choke.

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richard mcenroe said...

A minor correction: the "do-nothing" Iraqi government actually passed MORE legislation than the Democratic-controlled Congress before their recesses, and Maliki spent his recess reforging a Sunni-Kurd-Shi'ia coalition while Reid and Pelosi spent theirs watching their red-white-and-blue-dog Democrats scamper off the reservation...