Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Links

Cocktail party physics.

Two winnable wars.

Smart bombs clothes.

The phony rape crisis.

Harnessing life to make fuel from CO2.

The Socialist Paradise as seen through lefty eyes.

Use the Vortex, Luke.

The US won't be Protestant much longer.

Diamonds in the sky.

Hurricanes in the Alps.

Sex tips for the shy young man. (NSFW!)

Nanoparticles to the rescue.

10 beautiful HDR pictures.

The gravity anomaly on space probes.

Military spending going up 18%? It must be the threat from Taiwan.

1 comment:

Knucklehead said...

I love the vortex and am thrilled (I tell you!) to learn that bats are employing it. I must beg to differ, however, with the claim that this has been seen only in bugs and not been observed in birds.