Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Links

The future of chess?

My girlfriend the assassin.

Learning Python through videos.

How to smoke in Minnesota.

Blu-ray is doomed.

5 traits for leaders.

Chinese hackers get their site.

The ice man.

The latest CB radio.

One guilt too many.

Avalanches on Mars.


Luther said...

The assasssin story is something else. Mr. Howe's upcoming book should be an interesting read.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Yes, that's quite a story. What a world! I'm glad I don't live in most of it.

Luther said...

Exactly MHA... how fortunate we are.

chuck said...

The future of chess? Three people is one too many. Think of three sexes, then ask yourself if you would ever manage to have sex.

Luther said...

Oh chuck, you're so stuck... :)

Though I am interested in learning about that third sex... what would that be?

chuck said...

The Harvard Lampoon once had a great comic about a night out on planet X (forgot the name), where there were eleven sexes. Quite the adventure. That was back in the 70's sometime. Yeah, old, old, old.

Luther said...

11 sexes... not sure if that sounds like an adventure or mass confusion... hell I have enough problems with just the one sex to deal with.