Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mongolian Death Worm specimen found?

Oh-oh. Have the Japanese beaten the Australians to the capture of a Mongolian Death Worm?

Fear not, as we've seen before, the Mongolian Death Worm research community is rife with clever frauds. This isn't an anatomical diagram of a Mongolian Death Worm. To find out what it is, click on 'Read more' to follow this post below the fold.

The above diagram, and the one to the right, are from a series of anatomical drawings of Japanese movie monsters. More can be found at the HuntingLodge.

I was particularily interested to see the internal sacs that created the mechanism for the monsters to breath fire. I always wondered how that was done.


chuck said...

How odd, three of the four monsters strongly resemble humans. The upright stance, the bipedal locomotion, the grasping hands, what a marvelous demonstration of convergent evolution! One wonders what common problem these morphological similarities solve.

Barry Dauphin said...

Mongolian Death Worm... sounds like a metaphor for unfunded Medicare liabilities. Who needs death panels when there's a Mongolian Death Worm!