Saturday, October 22, 2005

Democracy is for saving us from the humorless

From the Aussie Daily Telegraph comes this insightful little piece by Malcolm Farr about the humored and the humorless (or should that be humourless) in today's cyber politics.

"However, someone who values and can deliver humour is, to my mind, someone who knows the world is flawed and that they themselves have the odd defect."
Read the whole thing, it's where I got the title from.

I love popping over to Tim Blair's site for some relief from the daily doses of political point-counterpoint. Not that Tim Blair doesn't address these same types of issues, he certainly does, but he often does it with a flare that can leave you chortling in your chili.

Besides, he's brutal.

But in a humourous fashion. How many people do you know who will write a blog article based on the number of times a political writer used 'I' in an editorial? I've learned more about Aussie politics than I ever wanted, yet I often find I'm anxious to learn what's bothering Margo Kingston this week.

(And his commenters are refreshingly un-PC.)

Perhaps a bit more humor and a lot less whining could help us all.


Jamie Irons said...


I love Tim Blair.

To me the style of his humour (here we have to use the u) is reminiscent of Mark Steyn's.

Jamie Irons said...


I loved the Malcom Farr as well; his analysis is compelling.

And I agree that people with a sense of humour (even those with a sense of humor) tend, on the average, to be more tolerant.

David Thomson said...

I can imagine pricking Michael Moore with a pin. It would let the air out of him. He might even prove to be a 135 pound man hiding in the body of an overweight buffoon.

terrye said...

Tim Blair is funny. And he is smart too.

That blog administrator of his, Andrea, ain't no slouch either.

Syl said...

Andrea scares me! LOL

Bless her. She's sharp and no-nonsense.

Peter UK said...

David Thompson,
No, under that gross,lardlike repellent exterior hides a gross,lardlike repellent interior.

terrye said...


Yes, I had to suck up to her once just to convince her I was on her side.

one mean woman.

who, me? said...

It's "flair." And I like him too. He was the funniest on the Guardian scheme to bombard an Ohio county in 2004.