Monday, October 24, 2005

Mr Gobley on our "Far-flung family"

We know, in our hearts --
Those very hearts
That dance to signals
From beyond --

That we are not alone.

What will we say?
What will we think,
When we open our books
For the first time
After our far-flung family

( Mr Gobley on 2005/10/24.)


MeaninglessHotAir said...

Just don't try to sign me up for a suicide pact when the next comet appears. Deal?

Syl said...

If we last that long.

We think we're so important that we value each individual. Nothing wrong there.

Except nature does not.

Sometimes I think it's a miracle we're around at all, considering the dangerous nature of, well, nature, volcanoes, cosmic rays, meteors, everything.

As long as there remains after a disaster enough bits of life to carry on, life will...carry on.

So maybe not so strange at all. Or maybe we've just been lucky so far.

I'd like to know that someday we will meet neighbors of some sort...or at the least, discover they were/are out there.