Saturday, July 01, 2006

And now, for something completely different


Syl said...

Can you give me a hint? Not only did a dead fan on my video card scorch out my soundcard over a year ago, it also blew the entire slot.

Me no gets any sound whatsoever.

Luther said...

Well Syl,

William to George, "you did it your way," was apparently the theme. At least that was the only point I picked up. Though I suppose it was a paean too those in the Hollywood audience that strike out against the Bushhitler and all he stands for. My simpleton interpretation.

Perhaps a biased opinion on my part.

Apologies for lack of detail.

chuck said...

William Shatner singing a take off of I Did It My Way" with a chorus line of stormtroopers at an award dinner for George Lucas. News release.

Syl said...