Saturday, November 03, 2007

Picture du Jour


chuck said...

The Times missed a few details. Wikipedia provides a bit more information.

During this time in prison, Hitler underwent something of an epiphany with regards to his use of violence: from now on everything was to be ostensibly legal.

Having chosen this new move, Hitler felt that he needed to make sure that the public knew what he stood for, so began to dictate a book to Hess and Maurice, part-autobiography but also a political treatise. While imprisoned, Hitler’s first often overlooked contribution to the literary world was released, a small 24-page self-written booklet entitled ‘What Happened On November 8?’ aimed at clearing up confusion and rumor amidst both the party ranks and presumably some members of the public.

A poster shows that Hitler originally wanted to call his forthcoming book ‘Viereinhalb Jahre [des Kampfes] gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit’ (Four and a Half Years of Fighting Against Stupidity, Lies and Cowardice). Hess is said to have suggested the much shorter Mein Kampf (often translated as “My Struggle”, its meaning could also be conveyed as “My Fight”); this has also been attributed to Max Amann, Hitler’s publisher.

I must say I like the original title better. Four and a Half Years of Fighting Against Stupidity, Lies and Cowardice could easily be the title of a forthcoming Left wing book and, if it doesn't make Hitler a Leftist, at least marks him as belonging to the same psychological species.

vnjagvet said...

Then like now, the NYT style book loved the passive voice, as in "it is believed he will retire to private life and return to Austria...."

I wonder what the evidence was for that?