Monday, November 19, 2007



The smart set had inched forward
Through the rows
Of lettuces and onions, summer stuff
That still means something
As a year wears on—
Those wedded to those meanings waited to
Release them, just a few spurts
At a time
Of their own choosing, late in fall, a light
Of golden motes filtering down through trees
And wires the warblers
Had abandoned for
Oncoming winter, storms still out at sea
In long lines, waiting
Northwest of the Bay.
To give up, to confess that one has failed
His spin class, just because he shows up drunk
With lust for ladies prettier than he,
Is sobering. But to stand around the way

We stood around the garden
Like scarecrows,
Just soaking up the blessings, crazed with light
And time, and so to fill the whole ram’s horn
With plenty, though we’ve angered several trees,
May be forgiven, if justice is done
To what the garden gives us.
Let the air
Be redolent of light and color where
Tomorrow we’ll be
Found with our bouquets
Of lavender, and marjoram, and sage,
As fall comes on. — Wild Goose Chase
And Blue Moon
Can be our theme songs, sixty years ago
They were atop the charts!
Time to bring back
The kind of longing that carried us here,
Bewildered, where a wilderness of vines
Hangs in the balance,
Just before the rains
Include us in the winter’s plans for us.

Tomorrow I promise to have made time
For gardening with boots on, —
Should the sun
Decline our invitation, we’ll still be
Strapped to our task, unbundling the light
Of gardens,
And we’ll all breathe easier
As day gets busy, erasing what’s lost.

For Jeremy and Deanie


Anonymous said...

We have missed you around here Jamie. That was very good.

Jamie Irons said...

Thanks, Skook. Glad to be back.

Like everybody else, "I've been busy..."

But that's no excuse!

Be well.


PS - The poem was written for good friends, a husband-and-wife team of chefs who recently opened a new restaurant in Napa.

Michael Bauer, the most renowned Bay Area restaurant critic, reviews them here.

Anonymous said...

"I've been busy..."

Yes, like everybody else.

Good to know that Ubuntu isn't just a Linux thing. :-)

Now we need a restaurant review.

Jamie Irons said...

Good to know that Ubuntu isn't just a Linux thing...

Yes, and the name selection isn't completely coincidental. If you read the account by the early Linux group of their aims in creating their open-source operating system, it sounds very much like the aims Sandy Lawrence (probably my wife's and my closest friend) had in creating her restaurant. At the time she started Ubuntu, she didn't even know about the software, but had a strong connection to South Africa (as did the prime Ubuntu founder, whose name escapes me) and the word ubuntu, as you know, comes from Zulu and conveys an idea something like "I am because we are" or words to that effect.

Jamie Irons

chuck said...

as did the prime Ubuntu founder, whose name escapes me

That would be Mark Shuttleworth.

Jamie Irons said...


That would be Mark Shuttleworth...

Thanks! ;-)

buddy larsen said...

very warm, sun-dappled, earthy imagery --could almost smell the allergy spores in the air--