Saturday, December 15, 2007

How well do you know the World?

Know your World is an entertaining test of your Geography knowledge. Speed and accuaracy are needed to pile up the points. I made it through 11 or 12 levels before bombing out. Needless to say I nailed the capital of Turkmenistan, but Africa and the Caribbean, as well as some oddball Australian possessions, did me in. I finished with a Travel IQ if 119.


brylun said...

Interesting. My final score: 11. A little rusty, I guess.

loner said...


115. Same thing here. Small island countries and some areas in Africa on level 10 were my undoing. Also, I couldn't seem to help clicking on Poland everytime the place was in Germany or Poland. Not a clue as to why as I think I came closest by mouse click to places like Zagreb, Croatia and Vientiene, Laos and I could barely tell where those countries were on the map. Thanks for the link.