Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lefty Blog Traffic

Via JOM.

Who let the air out of their tires?



Bill Peschel said...

Very nice chart!

Anonymous said...

Well, Petraeus and the Iraqis let the air out of the media's tires, and that in turn...

loner said...

Well it isn't me.

Atrios - never (ever)
Firedoglake - never (ever)
Crooks & Liars - never (ever)
My DD - never (ever)
Powerline - maybe twice in 2007
Instapundit - maybe ten times in 2007
Ms. Malkin - never in 2007

Just One Minute - often

Flares - continually (7,636 and counting in December seems low)

I expect to do even less in 2008. Happy New Year!

Rick Ballard said...


Me either. The lefty sites are places "where I've never been and ain't goin" and the other sites (aside from JOM) haven't held my interest at all.

Re Flares - I'm a little wistful about not seeing movie reviews.

Anonymous said...

The lefty sites... never.

Insty, maybe once a day. Also American Thinker. They take the place of the TV news I haven't watched since 2001. Maggie's Farm, Sisu, EagleSpeak, JOM (where for some reason I almost never comment), The High Road, a glance at Pepys' Diary, maybe one or two others.

It comes from staring at a computer monitor for 10 hours a day and seemingly endless conference calls after which reading things made of paper on the couch in front of the fireplace is a welcome change. The New Atlantis, Hoover Digest, Commentary, Claremont Review of Books. Wall Street Journal. Oh - and American Rifleman.

I may have mentioned that Castell Skookumchuk is running out of bookshelf space and we are going to have to get creative, especially since we now have boxes of books in the attic. My Amazon wish list currently runs to 8 pages. Last Book - Suite Francaise. Next book - The Letters of Noel Coward.

I don't watch many movies in theaters because too often I find the experience akin to being in a car wreck. But we just watched Into Great Silence. Masterful. I also miss the movie reviews here at Flares.

And I need to get off my duff and do some book and maybe some music reviews here, too.

Jim_H said...


Your last two columns for Just One Minute show an error. Values s/b 0.15 and 0.10, respectively.

Rick Ballard said...


Thanks - fixed it. Took out the grid too.

loner said...

rick & skook—

I took on something big having to do with movie history and so far I've been entirely dissatisfied with what I've written. That's what I get for reading a book, Ross King's The Judgment of Paris: The Revolutionary Decade that Gave the World Impressionism. Not a great book, but it did get me to thinking about, among other things, how public opinion evolves.

There's also a lot on the history of Ernest Meissonier's Friedland, 1807. It's an absolutely fascinating painting because it's such a masterpiece of technique and, in my opinion anyway, such a failure in content. Has the whole of some artistic endeavor ever been of so much less value than the sum of its parts? Lots to write about regarding certain movies in that question.

I'm pleased that domestic movie box office was up again in 2007 though there was a period from late-September until mid-December where nobody was going to see what was mostly junk. Everybody was going in the summer and that was mostly junk, too. I'd do some short reviews of 2007 movies I liked, but one of them figures prominently in the longer essay I'm trying to write and I doubt I'd be able to refrain from giving it another go if I started to write about Zodiac.

My football team, seconds away from being #1 on 10/13 and losers of 5 of 6 since that heartbreaking loss, have come back against Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl and now trail 24-21 halfway through the 3rd Quarter. Go Bears!

Anonymous said...

Loner - I'm interested to see what you'll come up with.