Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Weekly Links

Bruce Schneier speaks.

The top 100 PC innovations.

The Church of Rome vs. the Church of China.

The reality of Facebook.

The 8 most dangerous roads.

Buy tellurium.

Apple's new iBlade technology.

A dinosaur with meat still on the bones.

Robots learning from babies.

Sex in space.

10 semantic apps.

More cyberespionage.

Power series in Haskell.


loner said...

I went through the Top 100 PC Innovations list from 100 to 1 (in most cases not bothering to read the explanations.) When I arrived at number one my brain froze and my jaw dropped. The three initials, which I'd been looking for through 99 previous innovations, were there. I couldn't believe it. A point of agreement. They're so rare these days. Thanks, MHA. Made my day.

chuck said...

Just sittin' here extending my life.