Friday, May 23, 2008

If You Want Irrefutable Proof That BHO Is Too Naive To Be President

...that would be his selection of the Red Witch of Chappaqua as his running mate.

There are so many reasons this would be a bad idea, but the main one is that no one with an ounce of common sense or judgment would purposely put himself in harm's way with the most calculating politician of her generation waiting breathlessly in the wings.

Especially with the bad precedent set the last time two Senators ran on the Democratic ticket, one of whom, the VP, was renowned for extraordinary political cunning.


Charlie Martin said...

I haven't had enough coffee yet I guess.

(1) Why is Ayesha being called "the Red Witch"? I see it all over JOM, never got around to asking.

(2) Okay, um, LBJ and JFK?

vnjagvet said...

Rick Ballard has used that term since the Iowa primary.

Yeah. The reference was to JFK and LBJ. After the field day the conspiracy theorists had over the JFK assassination can you imagine what would happen if the messiah were to be bumped off?