Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan

"When he stood behind that podium, nobody believed a word he said. Now that he's saying bad things about the president, he's a Delphic oracle." — Rich Galen

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Barry Dauphin said...

In reading Kimberly Strassel's review in the WSJ, I was struck by McClellan's indignation about "selling" the war. And this was the point man for White House communications?

As to Galen's point, they have a built in out for that, i.e., we didn't believe him then because we knew he was lying, now we believe him because he's telling the truth. Of course, the truth appears to be far less than advertised. Apparently he is obsessed with Plame (but I bet he has never read Just One Minute) and he throws unsubstantiated charges around. He sounds like a real weenie altogether.