Thursday, May 22, 2008


Through today, 14 of our troops were killed this month. The rate is .73/day. While one fatality is too many, this is the lowest number and rate for the entire war.

This site has the stats.

The next lowest rate was .83/day last December, and only one other month, February, 2004 had a rate less than one per day (.79).

Despite all of the stuff going on in Sadr City, the Iraq death toll is way way down as well. In May, 2007, for example, there were 1980 Iraqi combat and civilian deaths. Thus far with 9 days to go, there are 389. That, I think, is almost more remarkable than the reduction in US KIA, and is contrary to the impression I had even with regularly reading the milblogs.

I sure haven't seen seen this information in the press or on TV, has anyone else?

One month is not a trend, of course, but this looks encouraging. If this trend line is maintained through the fall, it may have a salutary effect on the election.

Is that canny old bastard Rove preparing an October surprise for BHO?


chuck said...

I've been ready to tell anyone who asked that the war was over and that we won. Yep, I've followed the casualties too and, knock on wood, I think they are down for good barring a lucky hit or unlucky accident. But I don't expect this to make the news, heck, there are still a lot of folks out there who think we are losing.

vnjagvet said...

From whatI heard today, Gen. Petraeus fared pretty well in his confirmation today which was not televised.

That tells you something right there.

ambisinistral said...

That's good news.

Well know the war is truly over when people start bitching about our puppet government in Iraq. I figure that's coming after it sinks in that the Iraqi army made mincemeat of his militia.

Charlie Martin said...

Notice that even the NYT had a fairly upbeat positive story on the war. On the front page.