Thursday, April 14, 2011

Posing for pin-ups

Reality becomes fantasy

How to be a Retronaut, a site I've taken to regularly visiting, has a post called 1950s pin-up girls before & after that has a series of nine pictures showing the photograph an artist used to create a pin-up girl illustration.  The picture above is a sample. Visit the site to see the rest.

The article has no comments attached, just the pictures. However, if I read the signature correctly, I think the pin-ups are the work of Gil Elvgren (the link is SFW). He worked for a Chicago Ad agency that did a lot of work for Coca-Cola. At the agency he was mentored by the artist who created the familiar Coca-Cola Santa Claus ads. 
UPDATE: Yes, it is the work of Gil Elvgren. I found a few more which I've added after the jump.

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