Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School lunches from 'round the world

Slovakian school lunch
I've already linked to a weeks worth of food pictures. Izismile has a post Worldly School Lunches (40 pics) that shows school lunches from around the world. I'm part Slovakian in ancestry, so I led off above with a Slovakian school lunch. Looks pretty tasty to me.

I've included a few more of the pictures. At Izismile, many of the countries show more than one of their lunches. Go to there to see all 40 pictures. 

The Brazilian lunch is one I would like to dig into
Who knew that the French feed their kids a plate of Freedom Fries?
Djibouti lunches look pretty grim
Our tax dollars at work -- an American lunch of a dog and fries
The Japanese rice bowl lunch looks tasty
The kids in Ghana look pleased with their simple lunches
The South Korean lunch has a lot of variety
The lunch from Singapore has my mouth watering just looking at it

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