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O-Negative (two of our cast finally pair off)

Art says goodbye to his fellow students
Episode 23 of the Thai TV show O-Negative (Episode 22 ) starts in a classroom where Art is talking to O Group and the other students in his class. As we may recall, he was kicked out of college for slapping Ong-art's mom around, so he is there to say good bye. He says he enjoyed his time there and learned a lot, including not to use violence to try solve problems. He thanks them all and they applaud his speech.

With that out of the way Mekin, one of the regular senior Hazers (don't those guys ever graduate?), walks up and gives Chompoo a bouquet of flowers. He's delivering them from Go with the message that Go is preparing a party for them later at his bar.

That night they're all at the bar waiting for Art. When he arrives he comes with thee bouquets. He gives one to Foon, another to Prim and - by passing Chompoo - he gives the final one to Peun. Chompoo is miffed that he skipped her, but he's just teasing. He gives her a garland of flowers because she had earlier gotten her bouquet from Go.

They celebrate for a while and then Tum arrives. Chompoo is surprised that Art is still working at the Foundation, but Tum is not there for that. He's there to take Art to the airport. They're upset that he is leaving so soon. Art takes a final picture of O Group. They say they'll go to the airport with him. He says it's best to have this be the their final goodbye and leaves.

Art bids O Group, his mom and Tum farewell
We cut to Art and the airport saying goodbye to his mom. Soon the rest of O Group run up. Peun says they have something they forgot to give him. It is a Thesis book, which is a sort of Yearbook. Art says he has one, but Peun insists he take this one as well. They then have a group hug before Art disappears in the crowd as he leaves to board his flight.

While Art is waiting for final boarding he looks at the Thesis book. Because he had been kicked out of college after cronking Ong-art's mom he wasn't in it, so the O Group made a special version for him that included his thesis as well. They tell him to show it any new friends he might make in Paris. I don't know about that, wouldn't that just lead to him having to explain that he got kicked out of college for slapping a little, old lady? He then jets off to France.

Anyway, toodles Art, it's been nice knowing you.

We jump to the graduation. The students and their families are celebrating. First we see Chompoo with her mom, dad and sister. Go is taking the pictures, but it isn't clear if Chompoo's parents know that he is her boyfriend. Foon is with her parents. Her dad, as a graduation present, gives her a key to her new vacation beach house at Pran Buri. Prim is wandering around forlornly because she has no living relatives to celebrate with her. O Group sees her and invite her into group photos with their families to cheer her up.

We cut to later where Prim asks Foon if she's going to work with her family or do something else. Foon says she plans on staying in school and getting a master's degree. She wants to study abroad, in either Italy or New York, but then adds she may do nothing because she is lazy. Peun is going to be working at an editing company. I guess his intern experience of spritzing water on scantily clad models payed off for him after all.

Prim and Chompoo are still working at the magazine they interned at. Foon wonders about Nit, and Chompoo tells her that Nit is always buying Prim lunches and hovering over her. Peun looks alarmed at that news.

The kids get a new pen pal
They then get around to talking about Art. They all miss him. He hasn't emailed or messaged any of them. At that exact moment Professor Buddy walks up and distributes a postcard from Art to each of them. Wait? Art sent his postcards to Professor Buddy to give to O Group? Well, to be fair to the writers, even they know that's ridiculous because they have the kids ask Professor Buddy "why did he send them to you?" and Professor Buddy just shrugs and has no answer.

We cut to Art wandering around Paris. In the voiceover of what he's written in the postcards he congratulates them and says he's sorry he couldn't be there to celebrate with them. He adds that he's fine, that Paris is beautiful and that he's learning a lot. He doesn't post to Facebook, but he does read what they post.

Later we join Prim at her job. Nit comes to her desk a with cactus that he gives her. Along with the cactus he gives her a schmaltzy line that it doesn't need much water, just like he only needs a smile or two from her, to keep going. They make plans to eat lunch together and they'll invite Chompoo as well.

When Nit leaves she gets a call from Peun. He wants to talk to her. He tells her he quit his job. When she asks why he says he doesn't know, that he just got tired of it. He then wants to come to her office to talk to her. She doesn't like that idea, but she says she'll meet him after work. He tells her not to tell Chompoo, he just wants to talk to her. The creepy, love-struck, stalker vibes are strong in this boy. None the less, she agrees to meet him.

Prim lectures Peun over his career choices
When Prim meets Peun the first thing he does is ask Prim if he can get a job where she works. Prim, no doubt considering the hit her reputation would take if she recommended that they hire this slacker, tells him no. He blabbers that it's no problem, he'll do any job and just quit if he doesn't like it. She lays into him, telling him he needs to get serious and figure out what he really wants to do with his life.

An artist has to look the part
We cut to a shot of Professor Buddy in his studio painting his heart out. He's striking all sorts of ridiculous dramatic poses as he lathers the paint onto the canvas. From the little we see of his painting, it makes Foon's body painting look like the Sistine Chapel ceiling in comparison.

Peun enters and tells Professor Buddy he wants some advice. Let me get this straight... Prim told him he needed to get serious about his life's choices so he sought out Professor Buddy of all people for advice? Anyway, Peun tells Professor Buddy that he want to be a professor just like Professor Buddy is (I think there are too many professors in that sentence, but I'm too lazy to fix it).

I guess it makes a certain amount of sense. If you can't do, teach. Still, the thought of Peun and his complete lack of impulse control in a class full of coeds is a pretty horrifying thought from an ethical standpoint.

We jump to another night. Chompoo, Foon and Peun are at Go's bar wondering where Prim is. Chompoo hears a motorcycle and says that must be her getting a ride from Nit. Peun and Foon go to the window where Peun glares at Nit. When Prim comes in Chompoo teases her about being an item with Nit. She denies it, saying they're just friends. Meanwhile, Peun is sitting off to the side with a lost puppy look on his face.

Chompoo then asks Peun why he suddenly decided to become a professor. He responds with a line of malarkey aimed at impressing Prim with how serious he has became in his career choice. Chompoo mocks him for being overly dramatic.

Foon, Prim and Chompoo plan a trip
Foon is doing nothing because she flunked her masters degree entrance exam. Chompoo is also, as usual, not doing much of anything. Foon suggests that, to break the monotony, they all take a trip to the beach vacation home her parents gave her as a graduation gift. With this group that's bound to be a relaxing and problem free trip.

That night Peun calls Prim and directly asks her if she and Nit are going out. She says no, that they are just friends. A direct question in this show and the answer isn't a lie? Am I watching the right stream? However, Peun then starts creepily pestering her about why Nit gave her a ride to the bar. He even questions Prim as to how Nit even knew she was going to the bar to be able to offer her a ride.

Admittedly I'm not the demographic this show is aimed at -- I'm an old goofball in Florida and not a young Thai woman -- but I wonder if anybody watching this show finds Peun's behavior appealing? Does the target audience see him as a tragic, star-crossed fellow who just loves too much? I do not know.

Foon starts casting doubt in Peun's mind
We next see Foon and Peun driving to her beach house. They get there well before the others. It is a very nice vacation house that is right on the beach. Foon and Peun go onto the beach. They send a picture to the others saying they are at the beach house and wondering where the rest are. Prim responds that she is still at work. He message includes picture of the cactus Nit bought her which is captioned "with Nid Ekkasit". I don't know why his name is Nit in the closed captioning, or for that matter, why Prim would include the information that she was with him in her message.

Foon latches onto it to point out to Peun that Prim is with Nit. She opines that she thinks something is going on between Prim and Nit. Later Foon and Peun are drinking wine on her patio. She continues to use the tactic of planting the idea in Peun's head that Prim and Nit are an item as she pours glasses of wine for him.

With Peun drunk she soon pivots to telling him she doesn't know what Prim thinks, but she still likes him. She then starts trying to get him to say that he still has feelings towards her. He doesn't answer, instead he gets up and goes to the beach. She follows and keeps asking, while he keeps saying nothing. She kisses him and we see a goofy smile on his face.

Then we cut to Prim getting off of the back of a Songthaew in front of Prim's beach house. She enters, sees their scattered luggage and, as she moves to the back patio she sees the empty wine glasses. Meanwhile, on the beach Peun's resistance to Foon's advances evaporates and off come their clothes. We then see Prim, standing on the back of the patio, in shock as she watches this unfold.

With the deed done we join Foon and Peun on the beach. She tells him she wants to be his girlfriend. Will he be her boyfriend? After his usually waffling and slippery question dodging he finally says yes, they'll be a couple.

They walk back hand-in-hand. When they get to the house they see Prim sitting at the table, with a drink in front of her and an unhappy expression on her face.

[Episode 24]


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