Sunday, August 09, 2020

Kung Fu masters getting beat up

My YouTube feed recommendations are frequently a look into bizarre corners of the internet. I think it is YouTube's algorithm struggling to make sense out of my search patterns. Anyway, for some reason recently I've been getting all sorts of videos of obviously fraudulent Kung Fu masters getting the snot beat out of them by MMA fighters.

The above video by serpentza gives background on what that's all about. If you watch any of the Kung Fu master's videos they are obviously staged. Why they would then be stupid enough to get in a ring with an actual fighter is a head scratcher. Serpentza explains that it is the outgrowth of Chinese nationalism  that can't abide a western fighting style being superior to Chinese martial arts. It's all very strange.

By the way, serpentza's videos about China are pretty good. He is not a fan of the CCP. His YouTube page is worth browsing.

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