Saturday, January 08, 2022

Old beer ads

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There is a genre of clickbait that teases old ads that would never be acceptable today. The above ad is often featured, because any mention of a female in a domestic setting is a sin against nature to a certain segment of modern damsels (btw, a bit of useless trivia -- damsel comes from the French word damoiselle and the male equivalent is damoiseau, so I guess us guys would be a damseau?). 

I just took the ad to be a joke. Curiously enough, when I was dating Mrs. Sinistral the first time she invited me to her apartment she burned steak she was cooking and got upset like the woman in the ad. However, to console her over the charred steak I didn't counter that the beer was OK -- and I doubt that would have worked. Besides, and how can I say this delicately... the steak was not my priority that night anyway, so I cleverly employed different tactics. 

Below, and after the jump, are more old beer ads. Since guys are generally buying the beer they feature a lot of pretty women and/or convivial settings. Enjoy.

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