Sunday, July 06, 2008

Invesco Field, Denver, August 2008?

Okay, I admit it. Obama is starting to freak me out.


herb said...

Never happen. Barak would never, ever wear a uniform.

Barry Dauphin said...

How many will get the vapors?

loner said...

Let me say first that I accept the nomination of the Democratic Party.

John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 7/15/60

Barry Dauphin said...

—John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 7/15/60

And look how many got the vapors (and still do). Camelot Part Deux?

Charlie Martin said...

Loner, it's not just the field. It's the succession of times that Obama (or his wife)have told us that they're going to make us do what they tell us, make our high school and college students "volunteer", and so on. Along with the fainting multitudes, the saintly poses, and so on.

By the way, were you aware that, unlike the upcoming Denver thing, the whole 1960 Democrat Convention was held in Memorial Coliseum?

loner said...

They opened a Sports Arena next door (closer to the corner of Figueroa and what was then Santa Barbara) in 1959. I've been in there far more often than I've been in the Coliseum and my best guess is that the first time I was there was to see a circus four or so years after the one the Democrats put on there in 1960.

Bread and circuses? Yes and no because, you see, there'll still be an election in 2012 and another in 2016 and should Obama win the most electoral votes in 2008 and in 2012 he won't be eligible to seek the office he's currently seeking in 2016. It's in the Constitution.