Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Links

We're not leaving.

China and Russia protect Mugabe.

How the brain changes coordinates.

Phil Gramm is right.

Autism and the miswired brain.

The $5 trillion mess.

Half a million years of chat.

The ruthlessly imposed illusion of calm in Tibet.

The best movie endings ever.

Radical Islam is not compatible with French values.

Artificial photosynthesis through nanotubes?

China is fueling war in Darfur.

The great biofuels con.


loner said...

Some Like It Hot just ended on TCM. All in all, the comments are a far better guide than the list. There are some gems on the list, but any list of great endings that doesn't include The Four Hundred Blows and The Lives Of Others is not to be taken seriously.

That written, in 20 comment sets, I didn't see the movie with this last line: I love you, too.

Knucklehead said...

I had Some Like It Hot on the TV while I went about my business around the house. Can't see 30 seconds of that movie without laughing.

Knucklehead said...

The Berlin Airlift was sixty years ago... wow, time flies. Midway between then and now I was stationed there and struggled to fathom that situation, that wall. It is gone now and, apparently, many people prefer to pretend it was never there.

Charlie Martin said...

Nothing like a beaver shot to draw traffic.