Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today's Social Horror

The Corner on National Review Online: "Save the Males, for heaven's sake. This Washington Post piece on three 16-year-old girls shopping for bikinis in Tyson's Corner is begging for a dad to be on the scene. Mom's no help — one of them provides financial assistance because a teenage girl just has to have a bikini, you know. 'Bikinis are more popular because they're sexier. They draw a guy's attention.' Where's dad to just say no?"

Because, apparently, when she was growing up sixteen year old girls didn't want boy's attention.

I'm guessing she grew up on Mars.


Flash Gordon said...

Maybe when she was growing up 16-year old girls cared about the kind of attention they were getting. After all, if it's just boys' attention they want then offers of oral sex would be the best way to get the most attention. That's something Dad would know and Mom might have a harder time understanding.

Knucklehead said...

From bikinis to... oral sex. That's quite a leap of attention.