Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday Links

How to save the Republicans.

All that data that Google has been collecting on you for years?—it now belongs to any government that needs it.

Is Pakistan's ISI flexing its muscles in Afghanistan?

"Not only is self-righteousness a standard part of his work, it’s what he’s selling."

The human rorschach test.

The new Hitler, or the new Lincoln?

Why the world's best technology company will win Yahoo.

Litvinenko was murdered by the Russian state.

30 offshore windfarms.

The McCain campaign in turmoil.

The future of mind-machine control.

Introducing Stealthnet.

Already piling up the spin.

A huge stockpile of uranium from Saddam's (non-existent) WMD nuclear program shipped to Canada.

Gas prices by county.

The other vice-presidential woman.

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