Thursday, November 10, 2005


One of the delights of blogging is that, what with all these monkeys seated at keyboards in their p.j.'s, sooner or later everything is going to get said, and probably by someone a hell of a lot smarter than you. But when that happens at least a bit of the glow of the smarter person may rub off on you, his (her) inferior, because maybe in your random typings you said it first.


In his latest brilliant column (they are all brilliant) Mark Steyn writes:

My colleague Rod Liddle writes elsewhere in these pages about the media’s strange reluctance to use the M-word vis-à-vis the rioting ‘youths’. I’m sure he’s received, as I have, plenty of emails arguing that there’s no Islamist component, they’re not the madrasa crowd, they may be Muslim but they’re secular and Westernised and into drugs.

[Emphasis mine.]

Media's strange reluctance. Where have I read that?

Why, just yesterday somebody on that rising star of the blogosphere, YARGB - Flares Into Darkness wrote:

After calling attention, as I have, to The New York Times' strange aversion to using the M word...

Darn! It was "The New York Times' strange aversion to using the M word."

Well, close.


chuck said...


Those bigshots are always ripping off my ideas too ;) Maybe I should sue. Are any of them rich as well as brainy?

truepeers said...
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terrye said...

Mark Steyn also mentioned demographics in his article.

That made me think of social security.[of all things]

That make me think of Bush trying to reform social security and the Democrats promising people the moon, after they themselves had said in 2000 that reform was needed. Now it is a different story.

I think this is one of Bush's problems, and ours, and France's.

Once you create a government program that large segments of the popualtion are dependent then it follows that elected officials become dependent on the recepients of the programs.

And this breeds political cowardice.

Jamie Irons said...


Please stick to the subject of this post, which is me, and how I may nearly have said the same thing as Mark Steyn. Only first.




Jamie Irons

We will worry about lesser problems, like the impending catastrophic collision of demographics and Social Security on another blog. Another day.

On that day I plan to write something before Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Oh, wait. That's not possible.


Knucklehead said...


It seems clear that Steyn relies, for his continued genius of brilliance, on tracking and carefully plagiarizing your commentary (and now blogging) efforts.

Remember... Brilliance creates, Genius steals.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Mark Steyn made that same point about government control of health care. If The government controls all health care, then all delivery of health care will necessarily become the most politicized subject in every election.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Steyn is a great (and courageous) writer, and if he did rip off one of your posts, well, he only "borrows" from the best.

But, oh brother, does he hate to admit a mistake. ;)

terrye said...


Well excuse my ass.

Golly gee.

Maybe you stole his idea...hmmmm???

I guess we will just have to stick with the tried and true great minds think alike thingee.